Paparazzi in Bloomington?

One of my favorite publications is “Studios” by Cloth, Paper, Scissors/Interweave Publications.  I get to peek into the creative spaces of many other fantastic artists of all mediums, which is a great pleasure, and always gives me new ideas.

In the Winter 2009/2010 Issue, there was a special article about studio pets.  I found the photos of the artists with their dogs, cats, and even rabbits (!) very familiar to our situation, and their lead-in paragraph very on target:

“Why do our animal companions always seem to want to hang out with us when we create? Do they know they often serve as a muse?  Can they sense that we find their choice to be with us reassuring as we doubt our selection of color, line, or fabric?  Maybe it’s just because we often work in their favorite spot:  the sunniest room in the house.”

The article concluded by asking for photos of our own studio pets…and imagine my surprise and delight when I received an e-mail from an Assistant Editor yesterday following up on our own submission!  I sent her the following:


And it looks as if Jasmine and Owen may appear in a future issue – which, of course, is only their due, given that our entire studio is named after them. 

Of course, we may now be looking at some attitude changes – silver dining bowls?  canopy dog beds?  doggie sunglasses to avoid the inevitable paparazzi?  Who knows what may be down the road…  🙂

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